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Patient Satisfaction

IVS staff strive to get things right but, if a mistake does happen, the important thing is to put things right and to use the experience to learn and improve. This policy should be reviewed together with our Complaints Procedure and Patients Complaints Policy. IVS understands how vital patient feedback is to improve the patient experience and so contribute to service improvement and development.

IVS understands the importance of patient feedback and how it can improve service development. We would measure customer satisfaction using an electronic patient survey developed by Customer Research Technology Ltd. To increase compliance we would use handheld tablet PCs which bring many benefits to the patient including ease of use and will increase data collection. Main benefits are:

  1. Total flexibility for mobile customer surveys, you can capture feedback instantly anywhere. The tablets can be taken to one stop clinics in different parts of the hospital or outreach clinics in the community.
  2. Complete flexibility to set any questions particular for a certain location.
  3. Fully integrated with CRT’s Viewpoint Research Control Suite and can produce comprehensive reports.
  4. Accessibility options such as multi-language, images and large text ensure demographical inclusion
  5. Environmentally friendly paper free research
  6. Highly secure data capture, transfer and storage
  7. Data validation filters out false entries and ensures high quality data.

We presently have these tablets installed at two of our permanent sites and will be looking to install further tablets at our full time sites. In the meantime we use comments cards, post boxes and paper surveys to record patient feedback. We also keep any examples of positive or negative feedback.


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Lowers staff and administration costs

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