As the largest independent vascular diagnostics provider, we lead the way in vascular ultrasound, with annual investment in equipment, research and training. IVS is committed to quality improvement, has robust quality assurance procedures and fulfils or exceeds all CQC and NHS standards for service delivery. We were the first Vascular Ultrasound provider to attain UKAS accreditation and five years after initial assessment we have maintained this level of excellence.

Our Clinical Vascular Scientists, are either professionally accredited or under training with The Society for Vascular Technology (SVT). Our staff are highly trained and are consistently audited through our robust clinical governance program to ensure the quality and reliability of both investigation and reporting.

With many decades of combined experience, our staff have developed good communication skills and are regularly asked to teach doctors, nurses, managers and patients. As our greatest asset, our staff participate in the IVS share incentive scheme which fully involves them in achieving our vision.


IVS is committed to providing the highest quality non-invasive investigations for vascular disease using innovative ultrasound technologies.

We aim to achieve this in four ways:


Train and retain quality staff – Experienced Clinical Vascular Scientists are difficult to recruit. We invest heavily to our staff training and the majority of our staff are accredited with the SVT and have been awarded a PgC in Medical Ultrasound. By retaining a pool of qualified staff, we can guarantee high quality services.


Standardise investigations – Our staff have access to the best diagnostic equipment and are continually audited to ensure high standards in diagnosis and reporting. Staff work towards standardised scanning, reporting and image acquisition protocols.


Reinvest capital to maintain standards – Securing capital to purchase ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment is essential to maintain the highest standards. IVS uses these expensive instruments continuously, 8.00am to 6.00pm and reinvests profits to purchase up to date equipment.


Research and innovation – IVS has a strong research pedigree with links to the University of Manchester. IVS leads its own research but also provides staff and equipment for external researchers. These research developments will lead to new diagnostic technologies offered by IVS.

Our mission for excellence benefits our customers in several ways:

  • High clinical standards
  • Reduced risk to patients
  • Rapid diagnosis and reporting
  • Guaranteed NHS targets
  • Reduced service costs
  • Reduced medico-legal costs
  • Flexible, tailor-made services
  • Introduction of new diagnostic techniques

Service Quality

IVS is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and is at the forefront of a government initiative to accredit vascular ultrasound services. We were the first Vascular Ultrasound provider to attain UKAS accreditation and five years after initial assessment we have maintained this level of excellence. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers and other stakeholders while exceeding statutory and regulatory requirements.

IVS Board

Professor McCollum

Professor McCollum MB,ChB,MD,FRCS, is Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the University of Manchester. He has also been a Consultant Vascular Consultant Surgeon at Wythenshawe Hospital for 30 years.

Richard Pole

Richard Pole BSc SVT, is Operations Director IVS Ltd. Working in the field of vascular science for over 25-years, he helped develop IVS Ltd, the largest and most innovative vascular diagnostic and screening company in the UK

Work With Us/Careers

We are always interested in hearing from experienced staff who wish to work with us. We would like to hear from clinical vascular scientists, STP students and sonographers with a strong vascular interest.

We are a forward-thinking company with a proven record in career progression for our staff. Our benefits package is generous and includes a cash loyalty bonus. You will be given the opportunity to join our ‘employee share incentive’ scheme giving you a real stake in our rapidly growing innovative company. We also contribute to a stakeholder pension.

Please contact us at to find out more!


"IVS has provided an efficient vascular technologist service at Acute Pennine for many years. The service is of a high standard covering many areas from carotid disease to toe pressures. The service has been responsive to changing pressures in the NHS such as acute stroke services."

Mr M Madan

Clinical Director for Vascular Services and Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

"We have offered endovenous surgery at Airedale Hospital for the last 4 years. We offer a one stop clinic where patients are seen by the surgeon and scanned by the IVS sonographer and listed for surgery as appropriate. We do RadioFrequency Ablation of the long and short saphenous veins with avulsions under local anaesthetic for the vast majority of patients.

IVS has been an integral part of this setup from inception. They provide and experienced sonographer both in the clinics and in theatres. They provide printed reports after each scan and come to theatre with the appropriate catheters and machine - catheter packs, ultrasound machine, tumescent anaesthetic pumps etc. They look after the maintenance of all their machines. 

I have found them to be extremely professional and reliable and look forward to working with them for many years."

Mr M A Mathew

Airedale Foundation NHS Trust

"The service for DVT assessment provided by IVS is excellent. The staff are always extremely accommodating despite the huge demand on the service."

Dr Stephen Boodoo

Physician Acute Medicine, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group.

"McCollum Consultants use IVS for all their medico-legal ultrasound Duplex imaging. We find the IVS service to be incredibly reliable and efficient."

Mr Richard William-Lees

McCollum Consultants

I have worked alongside IVS for over 20 years in vascular research and as a practitioner in stroke prevention. 

IVS are a highly experienced and reliable clinical team.  We rely on accurate and prompt reporting of carotid Doppler scans to target stroke prevention for our patients. We have 100% confidence in their clinical acumen and reporting.  We work closely with IVS and the vascular surgical team at MFT referring patients on for urgent surgical opinions based on their reliable reporting. IVS are a key part of our Urgent TIA clinic and in the prevention of stroke in our region. 

We in the team and our patients are very grateful for their professional and high quality service.

Sarah Welsh

Advanced Nurse Practitioner TIA Clinic, Wythenshawe Hospital

I am a venous Nurse Practitioner and have worked closely with IVS for many years. They undertake all my colourflow Duplex venous scans. I have always found their service to be outstanding and very reliable, and the staff are always willing to discuss their results if necessary. They are willing to undertake extra scans if time allows, and they are all very professional and specialised in their knowledge. 

Sally Boyle

Advanced Venous Nurse Practitioner, Wythenshawe Hospital. 

“The vascular service at Oldham has used the IVS service for several years now on an in-house basis. We have found the standard of reporting and efficiency of IVS to be out-standing and would hope to continue using the service for the foreseeable future”

Mr N R Hulton

Consultant Surgeon / Clinical Lead – General Surgery, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Royal Oldham Hospital

“IVS have a long and successful history of producing high quality, patient focussed services based upon their extensive laboratory experience in a prestigious Teaching Hospital Vascular Unit.

Their staff are of the highest quality, well-trained, caring and up-to-date. I have no hesitation in recommending IVS as a first-rate vascular laboratory provider.”

Philip Lewis

Consultant Cardiovascular Physician, Stockport NHS Trust, Stepping Hill Hospital

“IVS has provided an essential vascular lab service to the surgeons and physicians for the last few years. It has led to a significant reduction in invasive radiology procedures, and has provided essential support for the vascular department.

Specifically they provide reliable results in patients with peripheral vascular disease, cerebrovascular problems, aneurysms, DVT, graft surveillance and other vascular pathologies. The knowledge that the vascular lab is covered for staff annual and sick leaves is important as it prevents any interruption in the service throughout the year.”

T O Oshodi

Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust