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Independent Vascular Services Limited (IVS) was established in May 1999 with the aim of developing non-invasive vascular investigations across the North West England region.

Initially, we provided services to two hospitals, performing approximately 1,000 investigations per year. Recognised as a provider of high quality and reliable services, we now provide full time services to eight NHS hospitals, and sessional services to several other NHS hospitals in the north west and five private hospitals, performing over 80,000 investigations in 2016/2017. We also supply weekend services to four hospitals.

We currently employ 54 Clinical Vascular Scientists, 31 fully accredited and 23 trainees, 12 of whom have passed their PGC in Medical Ultrasound. We have several trainees due to take their final practical exam in the next few months, the last step to full accreditation. Our staff are highly trained, exceeding the standards set by The Society for Vascular Technology for GB and Ireland, and are audited every six months to ensure the quality and reliability of both investigation and reporting. With many decades of combined experience, our staff have developed good communication skills and are regularly asked to teach doctors, nurses, managers and patients. As our greatest asset, our staff participate in the IVS share incentive scheme which fully involves them in achieving our mission.

The North West England region has one of the highest incidences of vascular disease in Europe. IVS is committed to improving services to reduce the impact of this disease. We are continually involved in research into a range of vascular diseases and the development of new diagnostic tests and vascular treatments.

Our website offers health professionals and patients access to IVS services and experience. Regularly up-dated, the website will continue to provide details of new research, and help to spread knowledge on vascular disease, diagnosis and treatment.

Our range of services:-

Stroke/Carotid duplex
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
Varicose veins
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Lower limb arterial disease
Popliteal entrapment
Upper limb arterial disease
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Pelvic vein incompetence


IVS Diagnostic

Can save 17% to 34% of the cost of setting up and running a vascular laboratory

Reduces capital expenditure

Lowers staff and administration costs

95% of inpatients investigated the same day





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