Benefits to Private hospitals

Guaranteed service

Employing 45 clinical vascular scientists, IVS can offer a comprehensive service seven days per week, including an on-call service everyday from 9am to 4pm. Independent hospitals avoid the fixed costs of employing permanent staff, salary, 13.8% NI contribution, pension contributions and staff benefits. By invoicing per scan monthly in arrears, Independent hospitals only pay for work performed, protecting them from variations in throughput and guaranteeing a profit share from each investigation.

Figure 1: Independent hospital income

Turnover 132%, Profit 6

Income generation

The IVS same day rapid reporting system and the quality and flexibility of the service promotes referrals. IVS has a track record of generating average net income of over £215,000 per year for Independent Hospitals who purchase a full time vascular laboratory service.

Figure 2: Independent hospitals – average income per scan

71% growth in income per scan

Reduced administration costs

IVS has invested over £100,000 in a database and reporting system which allows hospitals to save time and administration costs; reports are available on the IVS website to consultants with appropriate security access within minutes of the investigation.

IVS also offer rapid access to preview reports saving the costs of filing and retrieval.  Invoicing and financial control is facilitated by the IVS monthly activity report which sorts entries by:

Investment in improving services

IVS is committed to a new database and reporting system which will allow remote access to previous reports and also allow automatic transfer of reports and diagrams into hospital PACS.

IVS is also committed to recruiting and training of at least four graduates each year. IVS has invested over £1.8 million in staff training over the last 5 years.

Service Quality

IVS is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and is at the forefront of a government initiative to accredit vascular ultrasound services.

We also hold ISO9001 Certification for Quality Management systems for the provision of vascular ultrasound diagnostic services. We are committed to meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholderswhile meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to our products and service delivery.


IVS Diagnostic

Can save 17% to 34% of the cost of setting up and running a vascular laboratory

Reduces capital expenditure

Lowers staff and administration costs

95% of inpatients investigated the same day





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