Our Mission

IVS is committed to providing the highest quality non-invasive vascular investigations for vascular disease using ultrasound technologies.

We aim to achieve this in four ways:

  1. Train and retain quality staff – Experienced clinical vascular scientists are difficult to recruit. We invest heavily to our staff training and currently we have 30 accredited vascular scientists (AVS), and 17 trainees at various stages of their training, 12 of whom has passed their PGC in Medical Ultrasound. By retaining a pool of qualified staff we can guarantee high quality services and train our future staff.
  2. Standardise investigations – Our staff have access to the best diagnostic instruments and are audited every six months to ensure high standards in diagnosis and reporting.
  3. Reinvest capital to maintain standards – Securing capital to purchase ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment is essential to maintain the highest standards. IVS uses these expensive instruments continuously, 8.00am to 8.00pm and reinvests profits to purchase up to date equipment.
  4. Research and introduce new technologies – IVS has strong links with the Cardiovascular Research unit at the University of Manchester and currently provides staff and instruments for research. We have developed new techniques for identifying patent foramen ovule using Transcranial Doppler techniques, which may have an important role in stroke and heart attack in young people. We currently work with our industrial partner to develop novel 3D ultrasound software. These research developments will lead to new diagnostic technologies offered by IVS.

Our mission for excellence benefits our customers in several ways:


IVS Diagnostic

Can save 17% to 34% of the cost of setting up and running a vascular laboratory

Reduces capital expenditure

Lowers staff and administration costs

95% of inpatients investigated the same day





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