Our solution is to provide access to our expert staff remotely. Scans completed elsewhere, can be digitally sent to our experts for review, which will increase productivity of IVS staff significantly by reducing the requirement of on-site visits while extending our expertise to a wider group of patients closer to where they live.

Our Corelab services are bespoke meaning we can tailor our service specifically to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirement in more detail.

National Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme (NAAASP) Quality Assurance

Corelab’s aneurysm screening Quality Assurance service for The National Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme (NAAASP) offers the Clinical Skills Trainers the freedom to outsource time consuming Quality Assurance to access a first-class Quality Assurance service from accredited expert vascular scientists. This will allow busy Clinical Skills Trainers to focus their time on the new technician training requirements.

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Medico-legal Expert Witnesses

Corelab’s Medico-legal service offers professional vascular ultrasound expert witness opinion from highly-skilled accredited Vascular Scientists. If you are a Queens Council, Barrister, medico-legal consultant, solicitor or a patient seeking advice on vascular ultrasound medico-legal expert opinions.

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Innovate UK

Corelab is funded by Innovate UK due to its national and strategic importance for delivering advanced image reporting to improve patient outcome and increase access to specialist healthcare closer to home.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme connects businesses, like IVS, that have an innovation idea with expertise in the UK knowledge base to help deliver a strategic development for the business. Innovation is not just about technology; innovation can be about creating new ways of working, establishing new markets and changing management structures. The KTP between IVS and Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester is an excellent example in which the company already had new technology for remote analysis but needed business and marketing knowledge to create and deliver new commercial services in existing and new markets.

Fiona Nightingale

Knowledge Transfer Advisor (Manchester), Innovate UK


Working with IVS on the development of the Corelab portfolio of services provides an opportunity for us to be closely connected with a highly innovative local company and to gain insight into the application of management theories in practice. Being involved in service innovations that are made possible by new digital developments gives us great experience of leading-edge, innovative service provision and real-life examples to discuss in our classes.

Prof. Judy Zolkiewski

Academic Stakeholder

Please contact us to discuss our medico-legal service. Email – info@ivs-online.co.uk or telephone – 0161 883 3026