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All IVS services include access to high quality ultrasound equipment and fully trained staff. The customer also benefits from access to our purposely designed database system which allows same day reporting, retrieval of old reports and accurate financial and clinical audit data.

IVS provides part or full-time services to meet the customer’s needs with a range of options – please select option below for further information

If none of these options fulfil your requirements, please contact us on 0161 291 4037 to discuss tailoring a service to your needs.

Full-time Service

For acute hospitals providing a full vascular service, with at least three vascular consultants.

The highest quality, most efficient service available, tailored to the customers needs and includes one or more vascular scientist and a high quality duplex ultrasound imaging instrument based at the relevant hospital. We also provide a specialist specialist vascular database system, computers and all other equipment necessary to provide the service, located at the clients premises. This requires an IVS capital investment of £150,000.

Portable ultrasound instrument and computer equipment can be made available to provide satellite services at other premises within the trust allowing one stop out reach clinics.

The client provides resuscitation equipment, all consumables and suitable air conditioned accommodation, with bed access for inpatients and broadband internet connection.

The contract is for 10 sessions/week, excluding bank holidays, and for a minimum of five years. IVS will guarantee the service over this period with cover for annual and sickness leave. IVS will provide a fully qualified vascular scientist, who may be assisted by a trainee.

Portable Services

For NHS hospitals, Primary Care Trusts and General Practitioners

Using the highest quality portable instruments, IVS can offer a range of services at the customers convenience whether it be at the GP surgery, patients home, on the ward or in an out reach clinic:-

On-demand service

IVS can be contacted directly by telephone and the investigation will usually be performed within 3 hours (unless there are unavoidable staff shortages). Patients within 30 miles of a main IVS hospital referred before 3pm are scanned the same day.

Daily part-time service

A minimum of three investigations can be booked per day up to a maximum of six investigations per day (although this can be increased for an additional overtime rate). The service will be provided on-site at a mutually convenient time, patients can be added to the list as it is in progress but once the technician as left the premises any subsequent referrals will be added to the list on the following day.

Part-time services

The number of investigations performed per session, and the rate per investigation, will vary depending on the types of investigation requested:-

Sessions can be scheduled on a monthly or weekly basis starting at one session/month up to ten sessions per week.

Aneurysm screening and surveillance service

This service is provided at the GP surgery or a local hospital. Sessions are ranged initially depending on the size of the screening population and can then be extended to include a surveillance program.

Sickness cover & Waiting list initiatives

Short-term contracts can be arranged to reduce vascular imaging waiting lists or to cover vascular scientist absence/maternity leave.

Price available on request and depends on location of customer, number of investigations and duration of contract.

NHS & Independent Hospital Services

Most private hospitals tend to require higher flexibility of services than NHS services and they can not guarantee volumes of investigations.

In order to make services cost-effective, IVS offers private hospitals a flexible service we will usually make a qualified vascular scientist available for one session per week for routine investigations, regardless of volume.

We also offer an on-call service, seven days per week, between the hours of 9.00am to 4.30pm for urgent investigations (carotid and deep vein thrombosis DVT). The on-call service can be used in conjunction with a fixed session.

This is ideal for Private Hospitals as they only pay for investigations performed.

Cardiovascular Screening

Available direct to self paying patients

Varicose Vein Ablation Services

IVS can supply mobile ultrasound equipment, laser or radiofrequency generators, a fully trained ultrasonographer and all consumables to support consultant surgeons perform a range of varicose vein ablation procedures. Please ring Andrew Picton on 07768930832 to discuss IVS’s EVLT/RFA capabilities.


IVS Diagnostic

Can save 17% to 34% of the cost of setting up and running a vascular laboratory

Reduces capital expenditure

Lowers staff and administration costs

95% of inpatients investigated the same day





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