Cardiovascular Screening

What does a health screen involve?

Read on to find out more about what a health screen involves. If you are unsure about the type of screen most appropriate for you, you may want to consult your medical practitioner.

Cardiovascular Screen  is quick and painless; in most cases you will be finished within two hours.

Why do I need a health screen?

Good health is invaluable but we often take it for granted. Simple changes in the way we lead our lives could improve our general health. Many people don’t realise they are at risk until a heart attack or stroke occurs.

An IVS screen offers a thorough pain free analysis of the vascular system and the risk of developing health problems. Normal results may give you peace of mind.

If early disease is detected we can advise you on lifestyle changes and possible medication to reduce or even reverse disease progression.

Am I at risk?

You may benefit from a cardiovascular screen if you answer yes to 2 or more of the following questions:

What does a heath screen involve?

Cardiovascular screening is quick and painless: in most cases you will be finished within two hours.

You will be asked to starve for eight hours and a blood sample will be taken to measure your cholesterol and to detect diabetes.

A specialist nurse will take you through a health and lifestyle questionnaire. The cardiovascular screen uses ultrasound and is completely pain free. A small amount of gel coats the skin and the arteries are imaged by a hand-held ultrasound probe, very like a pre-natal check.

The arteries are investigated at the neck, ankle, back of the knee, groin and abdomen.

You will the undertake a monitored ECG, which involves placement of adhesive electrodes on the chest followed by a brisk walk for ten minutes.

At the end of the tests our specialist cardiovascular nurse will explain your results and give advice tailored to your individual cardiovascular disease. This will help you to adopt healthier habits and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

A full report and recommendations will be forwarded to you within one week.
If you need to see a specialist in heart or vascular disease we will arrange this for you.

Usual price £695, offers may sometimes be available.

Please contact us via this website for further information.


IVS Diagnostic

Can save 17% to 34% of the cost of setting up and running a vascular laboratory

Reduces capital expenditure

Lowers staff and administration costs

95% of inpatients investigated the same day





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